We Partner With Organisations To Accelerate Change.

At Ashoka, we work with businesses, foundations, and individuals to design innovative partnerships to accelerate changemaking, both within and outside of our organisations.

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Ashoka's partners work together to invest in the people and patterns of collaborative entrepreneurship that are necessary in an Everyone a Changemaker® world.


Apgar Consulting


Aportes de Gestión


Araucanía Hub

Araucania Hub has three parts. OTEC conducts training activities for all types of companies and institutions. Design together the programs that the organization requires. COOPERATIVE promotes collaboration between communities, universities, businesses, trade unions and governments to resolve local...



Arcturus Group

Logo for Arriva Italy, Ashoka Italy (Italia) Partner; Rectangle with Light blue / green fill; in the middle is an A made of pins in white, and arriva next to it in white lowercase lettersq

Arriva Italia

Arriva Italia is one of the main local public transport operators in Italy.

Arthur Guinness Fund


ARX Equity


Ashoka is the global network for designers of our society who take an entrepreneurial stance and innovative approaches to solve social problems - in partnership with institutions and committed people worldwide.

Ashoka Coaching Netzwerk

Mitglieder des Coaching-Netzwerks unterstützen unsere Fellows und das Ashoka Deutschland Team durch professionelles Coaching, Leadership- und Organisationsberatung sowie Mentoring und Change Management Beratung. Unser Dank für ihren Einsatz gilt u.a. Grundmann Consulting, Kolja Stegemann, dem Ket de...