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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Martín Espósito Fellow Uruguay 2021
David Riveros García Fellow Paraguay Transparency, Technology, Education / Learning, Youth leadership, Citizen / community participation, Corruption, Communications, Infrastructure, Public policy 2021
Mark Campanale Fellow United Kingdom Environment & Sustainability, Climate change, Corporate social responsibility, Global warming, Natural resource management, Social investment 2020
Gemma Galdon Fellow Spain 2020
Fran Díaz Fellow Spain Health & Fitness, Capacity building, Child care, Design, Disability, Disability rights, Health care, Technology 2020
Sarah Zouak Fellow France Human Rights & Equity, Girls’ development, Gender equity, Women’s issues, Civil rights, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Racial equity, Spirituality 2020
Theo Vaes Fellow Belgium 2020
Carmen Gheorghe Fellow Romania Human Rights & Equity, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Citizen / community participation, Vulnerable populations, Women’s issues 2020
Jane Waithera Fellow Kenya 2020
Francesco Tonucci Fellow Italy Children & Youth, Changemaking, Non-formal education, Citizen / community participation, Youth leadership, Youth development 2020
Emilia Roig Fellow Germany 2020
Tobias Polsfuß Fellow Germany Disability, Disability rights, Networking, Housing 2020
Lisette Reuter Fellow Germany Labor, Capacity building, Disability, Citizen / community participation, Racial equity, Intercultural relations, Arts & culture, Disability rights, Human Rights & Equity, Networking 2020
Sándor Léderer Fellow Hungary 2020
Melissa Malzkuhn Fellow United States Children & Youth, Human Rights & Equity, Communications, Cultural preservation, Disability rights, Early childhood development, Education / Learning, Human rights, Technology 2020