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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Swapna Reddy Fellow United States Law and legal reform, Migration, Vulnerable populations, Civic Engagement, Human Rights & Equality 2019
Juliana Gutierrez Fellow Colombia Children & Youth, Environment & Sustainability, Arts & culture, Behavioral issues, Citizen / community participation, Climate change, Education / Learning, Ethical consumption, Green consumption, Non-formal education 2019
Steffi Biester Fellow Germany Non-formal education, Education / Learning, Changemaking, Civic Engagement, Children & Youth, Sports, Tolerance / pluralism 2019
Kristina Lunz Fellow Germany 2019
Germana Soares Fellow Brazil 2019
Jennifer Lexmond Fellow United Kingdom 2019
João Souza Fellow Brazil 2019
Olga Yaneth Bocarejo Buitrago Fellow Colombia 2019
Abel Cruz Fellow Peru 2019
Clara Jimenez Cruz Fellow Spain 2019
Ramón Roca Fellow Spain Civil rights, Rural, Social work, Technology, Sustainability 2019
Mauricio Parilli Fellow Venezuela 2019
Rosa Almirall Fellow Spain 2019
Ricardo Martino Fellow Spain 2019
Alberto Alemanno Fellow Belgium 2019