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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Ir Budiono Fellow Indonesia Animal rights, Biodiversity, Conservation / protection 2022
Kai Pacha Fellow Argentina 2022
Agustina Besada Fellow Argentina 2022
Stephanie Brobbey Fellow United Kingdom 2022
Cherif Ndiaye Fellow Senegal Education / Learning, Education reform, Development & Prosperity, Children & Youth, Business & Social Enterprise, Changemaking, Capacity building, Health education 2022
Sobel Ngom Fellow Senegal 2022
Hera Hussain Fellow United Kingdom 2022
Moussa Camara Fellow France 2022
Anna-Lena von Hodenberg Fellow Germany 2022
Alison Tickell Fellow United Kingdom Environment & Sustainability, Ethical consumption 2022
Kenji López Fellow Mexico 2022
Keithlin Caroo Fellow Saint Lucia 2022
Jessica Sheffield Zamora Fellow Costa Rica 2022
Saket Soni Fellow United States Environment & Sustainability, Human Rights & Equity, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Disaster relief / crisis management, Employment, Environment, Labor 2022