Barrowford Primary School

Changemaker School
United Kingdom
Partner Since 2015

Barrowford School’s mission “Learn to Love, Love to Learn” is reflected in their Rounded and Grounded curriculum. By emphasising the social, emotional, and metacognitive aspects of learning, the curriculum helps develop 'softer' skills as a route to attainment. They use a restorative approach to deal with behavior issues.

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • Works to develop an individual sociogram for each student.
  • Runs a school charity to engage students in community activities - Pendle Helping Hands. 
  • Provides staff with a space for developing students’ social, emotional skills and literacy - the ‘Nurture Room.’
Related TopicsChildren & Youth, Early childhood development, Civic Engagement, Empathy, Volunteerism, Every Child Practicing Empathy

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