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Youth Years

Labib Works to Include Disabled People in Society

Labib founded the organization InclusionX at the age of 16 years old. InclusionX seeks to give individuals with disabilities a role and voice in society by overcoming society created barriers to participation. Labib wants to ‘break down the invisible wall which is like a glass barrier that exists between children with and without disabilities in Bangladesh due to various societal and family reasons’. While based in Dhaka currently Labib sees InclusionX as an organization that is needed across the whole of Bangladesh.

Sudeepto Brings Stories Alive for the Blind

Sudeepto is the founder of ‘Shruto’, an organisation dedicated to creating audiobooks for the visually impaired in Bangladesh to provide them access to various literary works. The 18 year old, who started his venture back in 2016 when he was in grade 11, envisions a creative society in the future where the visually disabled are no longer seen as a burden, but instead are able to express their creativity through their writings while possessing free thinking capability.

O Desafio Jovens Transformadores chega ao fim!

Nos dias 30 e 31 de outubro aconteceu a Mentoria Jovens Transformadores @ Oracle, evento que encerra a jornada do desafio Jovens Transformadores, lançando na plataforma virtual Socialab e desenhado para jovens do Brasil, México e Argentina. A programação contou com uma jornada e meia de palestras sobre empreendedorismo social, design thinking, motivação, liderança e 4 horas de muita mão na massa para desenvolver melhor os projetos que foram apresentados à equipes da Ashoka e Oracle.

Yusuf Is Helping Teens Turn Their Passion Into A Profession

Reflective Teens is an organisation working with teenagers to help transform their passions and hobbies into professions. Its emphasis is to encourage teenagers to pursue their passions which may range from writing, photography to even painting. Professions not traditionally valued in Bangladesh.

Shawon Wants Programming to be Accessible to Everyone

"যে যা করতে চায়, তা আনন্দের সাথে করলে সহজেই জীবনে সফলতা  সম্ভব"

Shawon Wants Programming to be Accessible to Everyone

Computers have changed the world over the past 40 years, but being able to create programs and software remains limited to a small group of people. Shawon is passionate about computer programming and wants to make sure more people know how to use it. At times making this happen has been hard but Shawon believes that if something is your passion, you see the obstacles as opportunities.

Meghla is Fighting for an End to Child Marriage

মেঘলা আক্তার শান্তা 

Meghla is Fighting for an End to Child Marriage

Setting out to change tradition is hard and often dangerous. This has not stopped Meghla, 18, in her mission to stop child marriage in her community. Her desire to stop child marriage has come from her personal experience and her dream in education for all children. Over the last 18 months her team has stopped 13 child marriage and she has stopped 2 herself.