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Youth Years

#LeadYoung - Riley Damiano: Spreading joy and awareness for pediatric cancer through blue lollipops

Changemaking, like smiling, is contagious. Riley’s story highlights how simple acts of kindness through blue lollipops ripple into a movement for pediatric cancer research.

LeadYoung Toolkits

These toolkits will help you write LeadYoung stories and start a storytelling movement in your school, town or beyond.

#LeadYoung - Matine Khalighi: Turning empathy into collective action for the good of all in Denver, Colorado

Changemakers embody a new form of leadership needed in our rapidly changing and complex world.  Rather than one person leading and others following, today’s new leadership enables everyone to participate through fluid, open collaboration so that everyone can contribute. Matine’s story shows how a group of empathetic young peers learned how to identify a problem, build a team, and implement a solution. Together they are helping other young people realize their power as changemakers.

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Perché la distribuzione del reddito peggiora ovunque, indipendentemente dalla natura dell'economia o dell'ideologia? Perché peggiora in tutto il mondo la diffusione della politica "noi contro di loro"? E perché così tante persone si sentono spinte ai margini? 

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Meet the Ashoka Young Changemakers

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Meet the Ashoka Young Changemakers