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Youth Years

A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson on the Competencies needed in the Modern World

"The capacity for new thinking - or turning old ideas into new applications - has really never been more important."

Rethinking the Decade After College

When I graduated from college I expected–like many of my peers–that I would do meaningful work for a few years, go to graduate school, and then move around from one very exciting role to another every couple of years.

How 5 Creative Young People Are Addressing Youth Employment In Africa

African business and political leaders, including Zambia Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda, have described Africa’s youth employment challenge as a “ticking time bomb.” The deepening gap between young people’s skills and the needs of employers has been linked to education systems that simply are not up to snuff, but also to a general lack of faith in young people as being capable of making meaningful contributions in a global marketplace, sometimes because of cultural and gender biases.

Be Part of the Solution: How You Can Help Young People in Africa Find Jobs - And Purpose

Young people everywhere crave having a purpose in our rapidly changing world. This has serious social, economic, and political implications for the sub-Saharan Africa region because it is on track to have the largest youth population in the world by 2050.

Why overcoming challenges is key to effective leadership & entrepreneurial breakthroughs

Innovation demands strong leadership, and leadership demands a unique set of skills and learning. Helping emerging entrepreneurs overcome obstacles can be the difference between an abandoned project and a groundbreaking solution. 

"The New Scholar" at the Intersection of Innovation & Education. That's a Wrap, AshokaU Exchange 2014!

"Today’s environment is full of challenges, innovation is more critical than ever, and education and universities should be ground zero. When I talk to students who want to change the world, I talk about the need to gain a deep understanding of what is with the ability to imagine what could be.” - Roger Nozaki, Brown University noted one of the keynote addresses from this year's AshokaU Exchange.

How To Teach Your Child To Be An Entrepreneur

There is no shortage of creative and entrepreneurial lessons at Brooklyn New School (BNS), an Ashoka Changemaker School.

The Future Calls for a New Paradigm for Growing Up, Education, Management and Leadership

“At various pivotal moments in history, a small group of people see where the world is heading. They help everyone else to see it, urging them to develop a new framework of perceiving, thinking and leading new actions that can have a huge impact on the world.” 

We are at such an historical pivotal moment now.