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Youth Years

This 16-Year-Old Ashoka Youth Venturer Is Helping Solve Critical Needs Of Schools

Isana Nambiar has always been a great fan of female entrepreneurs, following the stories of many. Her favourite TED talk, “Programming your Mind for Success” by Carrie Green, has been big inspiration for her. With someone as passionate about entrepreneurship as she is, it is no surprise that at age 16, Isana has already started her own initiative and is currently in the process of building HelpEd, an online tool that will connect government schools lacking resources to donors willing to provide for their needs.


Programa de formación de líderes y emprendedores para el triple impacto

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Changemakers' Yard

Ashoka och Raoul Wallenberg Academy lanserar plattform för unga changemakers

Changemaker Camp 2018


Ashoka Scandinavia och Raoul Wallenberg Academy  arrangerar i samarbete med Mgruppen årligen Changemaker camp – ett program för dig som vill ha konkreta verktyg och inspiration att hitta det du brinner för, testa på att göra skillnad i praktiken och lära dig leda andra. Changemaker camp är öppet för dig som nyligen flyttat till Sverige och är trygg med språket, och för dig som är uppvuxen här.

Calling All Young Visionaries: Change the World for Good with Ashoka and T-Mobile

As America’s Un-carrier, T-Mobile knows a thing or two about fixing what’s broken and driving change. It's why Ashoka and T-Mobile are taking the first step in empowering the next generation of changemakers with the launch of the T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge, a contest for trailblazing teens and young adults.

Concurso de Cuentos "Esther Kolonsky"

Concurso de Cuentos "Esther Kolonsky": Transformando prejuicios en Diversidad

En un mundo en el que los prejuicios muchas veces nos impiden construir vínculos sanos y de colaboración, confiamos en que la palabra de los jóvenes como agentes de cambio, puede hacer la diferencia, e inspirar a otros a no sólo respetar la diversidad sino también valorarla. 

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How America's millennials are redefining citizenship

The immigration debate looms large over Washington. It shut the federal government down twice in one month, and has stymied the Senate. Even beyond the DACA impasse, other immigration fights are looming, like the fight over whether United States residents should be asked if they are citizens on the 2020 census.

But why should immigration so dominate our politics? Is it really the deepest problem we face?

Everyone a Changemaker: Bill Drayton's Challenge to the World

Bill Drayton invented the term “social entrepreneur” and founded Ashoka, the organization that supports 3,500 of them in 93 countries. He’s a legend in the nonprofit world, so I went to him this week to see if he could offer some clarity and hope in discouraging times. He did not disappoint.

Change The World; Empower The Youth

If you think of most of the world’s great entrepreneurs, they started their rise to the top in their teens, says Bill Drayton, founder of global citizen sector organisation, Ashoka.

Richard Branson, for example, was 16 when he set up Student magazine, which he managed from a phone booth. His idea to sell advertising for discounted music records in the back would become the foundations of Virgin Music.

Youth Must be Trusted to Lead in Africa

Shootings and flying petrol bombs turned Mitchells Plain in Cape Town, South Africa, into a war zone for a week in late March 2015. Buses and taxis refused to enter the township established by the apartheid government in the 1970s. Eric Coetzee, a community leader, describes this neighborhood as "a world of gangs, violence, and poverty.” When he was young, Coetzee joined a gang for safety. But the story changed when he started as a student at RLabs. “I finally found the place where I fit in. I don’t have fear anymore,” he says.