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Youth Years

The New Reality

The Historic Moment

Why are income distributions getting worse everywhere — regardless of the nature of the economy or of ideology? Why are there worsening “us versus them” politics spreading across the world? And why do so many people feel pushed to the margins?

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Sarah Toumi comic

Sarah Toumi LeadYoung comic

#LeadYoung - Sophia Andrews: Unleashing potential through a boundless love of dance

In an "Everyone a Changemaker" world, passions easily translate into solutions. Sophia’s story demonstrates how she shared her love of ballet across cultural and geographic boundaries to increase and equalize access to the arts in an underprivileged community abroad.

#LeadYoung - Meagan Warren: Opening opportunities through books for low-income students in Ohio

Meagan Warren found her power when she was exposed to the reality of low-income, under-resourced schools. Now, she is determined to help others find their power to create change.