Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 1996
Ashoka commemorates and celebrates the life and work of this deceased Ashoka Fellow.
This description of José Marmo da Silva's work was prepared when José Marmo da Silva was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1996.
Jose Marmo da Silva (Brazil 1996) is a dentist working in the public health system in Rio de Janeiro, and an "oga," or initiate of the African Brazilian religion of Candomble. Jose believes that Western style AIDS-prevention campaigns do not work in the Afro-Brazilian context. Therefore he is designing a customized campaign for AIDS prevention/education in the Afro-Brazilian community. Moreover, he is attempting to improve the self-esteem of Afro-Brazilians, who have been the victims of generations of discrimination. Jose uses symbols and imagery common to Candomble to convey his messages of safe sexual practices. In addition, he has recruited community leaders to help spread his message. He believes that his efforts will help to dramatically decrease the incidence of AIDS among Afro-Brazilians.
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