Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2017
Jamal Household
This description of Basit Jamal's work was prepared when Basit Jamal was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2017.
Leaders involved in negative politics repurpose religion from being a source of unconditional love to unconditional hate. This gives them quick leadership but makes the community never get out of the conflicts it is in. Terrorism happens when a community suffers injustice (perceived or real) and its leaders are not equipped with the skill to turn enemies into friends. Basit Jamal is facilitating young people to understand the concepts of conflict resolution in the language they accept i.e. Religious Language. Basit Jamal is repurposing the power of religion to be a solution rather than a roadblock to conflicts which has already seen millions die world over. He works with students from Schools, Colleges, Madarsas, and worshippers in the Mosques. He also promotes interfaith dialogue as a means to better understand the other. Hundreds of young people who were seeing "kill your enemy" as the solution are now creating a demand for turning "enemies into friends".
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