The Fellowship Program in Switzerland


This collection gathers all the stories around the fellowship programme of Ashoka. The Fellowship Programme is designed for social entrepreneurs who have passed Ashoka’s Venture process and who are elected as Ashoka Fellows. The period  after election is often focused on providing structured engagement opportunities directly to the social entrepreneur. The type of support that the Fellows receive varies. Some Fellows  receive a living stipend that enables them to work full-time with their idea, some get pro-bono support from our partners with legal, strategy, finance and communication.

According to the latest global impact report where Ashoka surveyed Fellows around the world, most of them highlighted Ashoka's support network as the most valuable part of the Fellowship. The Swiss Changemakers programme illustrates this important step in the journey of the social entrepreneur we support to achieve social and system-change.

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Our new fellow elected in 2016

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The Guide to the 7 key questions

all social entrepreneurs should ask themselves

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About Ashoka Belgium

What we do 1. WE SUPPORT LEADING SOCIAL INNOVATORS OUR SCOPE OF ACTION Ashoka is a catalyst for social change. It is the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs with more than 3,600 Ashoka Fellows spanning over 90 countries. Amongst the Fellowship there are two Nobel Peace Prize winners. For...
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SenseTour Belgium 2017

Make Sense, founded by French #AshokaFellow Christian Vanizette is partnering with Ashoka Belgium and 1001Pact on the Belgian SenseTour to introduce to you all the changemakers across Belgium. They will be travelling across over 8 Belgian different locations to reunite local changemakers and create...
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Meet our Belgian Social Entrepreneurs

NOMINATE A FELLOW Ashoka has pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship globally over the last 35 years through the search and selection of Ashoka Fellows (social entrepreneurs) in 92 countries. Amongst the Fellowship there are two Nobel Peace Prize winners; over 50% of Fellows have changed...
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J.P. Morgan Mentoring Program

“Experiencing Social Entrepreneurship”

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Fabric of Change

Discover 5 new Ashoka Fellows

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Ashoka Fellow Saif Rashid Weaves Together Benefits for Bangladesh Garment Workers

Saif Rashid believes that, given the right market opportunities, millions of Bangladeshis can lift themselves up financially. With an innovative new model called APON, he is empowering the workers of Bangladesh’s ready-made garment manufacturing industry to increase their disposable income and build...
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Sri Lanka’s Garment Workers ‘Stand Up’ for Rights

By M-R Abraham Shirone Kaushalya works in a factory producing leather jackets. But she rarely sees the finished product. The 30-year-old woman uses a hammer to pound on the ridges and bumps of raw leather until it is smooth enough for stitching. Then she hands the flattened material to the next...
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Why we need quality investigations

Watch the video of our Fellow Andras Vamos-Goldman. He explains why ensuring credible accountability for mass atrocities depends on quality investigations. Justice Rapid Response (JRR) was created to ensure that all investigations of atrocities can be done professionally, impartially and swiftly...
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On Monday 27th of March, Beeodiversity, founded by our Belgian Fellow Kim Nguyen, presented the results of a study on the environment and of the Brussels region. The project they called “Bees at the Service of Brussels’ Environment” used their unique “Beeomonitoring” tool to perform situational...
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