Changemaker Skills

cm skills

This collection gathers all the stories that talk about changemaking. A changemaker is someone who is taking creative action to solve a social problem. And changemaking involves empathy, thoughtfulness, creativity, taking action and collaborative leadership. But although these skills are essential to our thriving, they are almost entirely absent from the educational experience of most young people, with often a narrowing focus on reading, maths and the acquisition of academic grades.

Ashoka's vision and mission, then is to catalyse the transformation of education systems so that every child and adolescent is provided with educational environments and experiences that are explicitly designed to ensure they become changemakers. Its strategy involves:

  • finding and selecting a network of pioneering schools, entrepreneurs and other key actors that are alread putting changemaking at the heart of everything they do - and that have the leadership capacity to influence widely across the education system.
  • Convening and organising these pioneers into Change Teams which will make sharply-focused, strategic moves that catalyse rapidly self-multiplying changes in education practice.
  • Supporting and connecting each team to maximise their impact - with an emphasis on developing their capacity to build further teams and to lead change; finding oportunities to scale, building an internationally recognised movement; showcasing a new norm in education; and changing mindsets about the purpose, practice and policy of education.

For further information, please go to Ashoka changemakers page, which activates a global network of social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policy makers and activists to build the movement towards an Everyone A Changemaker world.