El Instituto Nacional de la Juventud is a public service body responsible for collaborating with the Executive Branch in the design, planning, and coordination of youth policies.


Agence indépendante de corps et d'esprit, ancrée à Paris, Lyon, Tournon et surtout chez tous ses clients, qu’elle aime entrepreneurs quel que soit leur domaine d'activité. Pour remettre la communication au cœur de la croissance des entreprises, Insign réinvente la conception et la mise en œuvre de...

Instituto Alana

Alana works to find changemaking ways for the new generations, seeking a sustainable world with excellent human relations, through programs that ensure conditions for fully childhood experiences. With Ashoka, Alana realizes the Changemaker Schools program in Brazil.

Instituto Arapyau

Arapyaú develops actions and strategic, financial and connection support for organizations and groups that work to promote a sustainable development. Supports Ashoka Brazil in the "Em Movimento" program.

Instituto C&A

Through financial and technical support, and promoting the access to a expert network, the Instituto C&A strengthen organizations and other changemakers agents to transform the fashion industry.

Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial

The Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial (ICE) is a non-profit civil society organization that acts linking leaders and promotioning changemaker initiatives, capable of positive social impact in the low income population. Supports Ashoka in the Grow2Impact program.

Instituto Innovación Social UDD


Instituto Profesional Vertical

Instituto Profesional Vertical trains people in the professional and technical field, with a solid ethical basis, in the area of nature and its relationship with the human being, with a critical, constructive and innovative spirit, that allows them to perform with social responsibility in the world...

Integrated Consulting Group