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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Diane Pereira Sousa Fellow Brazil Education / Learning, Non-formal education, Youth development, Children & Youth 2018
Sérgio Serapião Fellow Brazil Citizen / community participation, Aging, Civic Engagement, Health & Fitness 2018
Natalia Rodrigues Fellow Brazil Freedom of information, News & knowledge, Transparency, Civic Engagement 2018
Raquel Rosenberg Fellow Brazil Youth development, Youth leadership, Children & Youth 2018
Bjorn Low Hoek Fellow Singapore 2018
Johnson Oei Fellow Malaysia Civic Engagement, Housing, Indigenous cultures, Development & Prosperity, Human Rights & Equality 2018
Cynthia Ong Gaik Suan Fellow Malaysia 2018
Bharath Palavalli Fellow India Changemaking, News & knowledge, Civic Engagement 2018
Simon Köhl Fellow Germany Education / Learning, Children & Youth 2018
Jonas Staub Fellow Switzerland Human Rights & Equality, Disability rights 2018
Zarah Bruhn Fellow Germany Employment, Migration, Business & Social Enterprise, Human Rights & Equality 2018
Raphael Fellmer Fellow Germany Environment & Sustainability, Recycling 2018
Prasanna Shirol Fellow India Health care, Health education, Civic Engagement, Health & Fitness 2018
Amanda Kiessel Fellow Sri Lanka Social enterprise, Economic development, Environment & Sustainability, Green business, Green consumerism, Sustainability, Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity 2018
Massimo Vallati Fellow Italy 2017