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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Will Prosper Fellow Canada At risk youth, Youth leadership, Changemaking, Citizen / community participation, Law and legal reform, Mentorship, Minority rights, Racial equality, Criminal justice, Tolerance / pluralism 2020
James Favel Fellow Canada Child exploitation, Youth leadership, Citizen / community participation, Social work, Volunteerism, Health care, Substance abuse, Indigenous cultures, Nutrition, Conflict resolution, Crime prevention, Domestic violence, Intercultural relations, Security 2020
John Christensen Fellow United Kingdom 2020
Bob Bharij Fellow United Kingdom 2020
Salomé Berlioux Fellow France 2020
Stéphane Gigandet Fellow France 2020
Diane Dupré La Tour Fellow France 2020
Apar Gupta Fellow India 2019
Albert Mollah Fellow Bangladesh 2019
Ahsan Rony Fellow Bangladesh 2019
Pablo Lecuona Fellow Argentina Disability rights 2019
Nazma Akhter Fellow Bangladesh 2019
Dan Driscoll Fellow Morocco 2019
Rana Dajani Fellow Jordan 2019
Jeffrey Cyr Fellow Canada Financial services / markets, Citizen / community participation, Economic development, Business & Social Enterprise, Civic Engagement, Development & Prosperity 2019