Your Kids

Supports your colleagues and their children to become changemakers − empathetic leaders, innovative problem solvers, and strong team players. We are looking for pioneering institutions who want to support a generation of children & adults to be powerful changemakers.

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The World Is Changing.

In a world defined by rapid change, interconnectedness and uncertainty, where our social problems are deep and urgent, changemaking must become the new literacy.

A changemaker is anyone – nurse, teacher, child, neighbor – that steps up and solves a problem for the good of all.

What Is Your Kids?

Through a 90-minute workshop led by Ashoka, founders of the field of social entrepreneurship, employees will convene with like-minded colleagues to create their own unique ideas for practicing changemaking skills with those they love most: their kids. Together they will come up with ways of integrating the four changemaking skills of cognitive empathy, collaborative teamwork, new leadership, and change making, into their homes and workplaces.

Your Kids is a unique opportunity to bring work and home life together by enabling staff members to practice new leadership in a new world.

The Case For Changemaking.

We no longer live in an age of repetition. 65% of the jobs our children will hold don’t even exist yet. In a world defined by rapid change, interconnectedness and uncertainty, where our problems are deep and urgent, changemaking is the new literacy. Change is something institutions must harness in order to stay competitive. It is equally important for the next generation of leaders to master the skills of being a changemaker to thrive in a fast changing world.

How can Your Kids benefit your organization?


Through Your Kids session employees will

Understand the urgency of supporting themselves and their children to be changemakers in a rapidly changing world.

Co-create employee-led ideas for integrating empathy and agency at home and in the workplace.

Form deeper connections and the opportunity to creatively collaborate and problem solve with colleagues.

Build trust and community, by exploring the challenges of raising children in an ever-changing world.


Follow-up options after the 90-minute session

LeadYoung video series with activities that staff members can do at home with their families.

Changemaker Family Challenge that can be presented on an institution's intranet or social media platforms.

Your Kids circles – 5 guided conversations that employees can lead with other parents in their community.

Training – Interested employees can sign up to be Your Kids facilitators and bring this message to their community.

The Impact Of Your Kids

The key factor of success for any society going forward is what percentage of its people are changemakers. It’s the new literacy. And empathy is the foundation of that new way of being.

Arne Duncan
Former United States Secretary of Education
Arne Duncan Portrait

Your Kids helped us identify the potential leadership in each of the young people in our lives & identify the best ways for adults to help their young people develop this potential.

Valeria Vivani
Corporate Sustainability Manager in HSBC Bank Argentina

Support your employees and their children to be changemakers.