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These new allies for governments can help attain equitable, lasting change

This article originally appeared on World Economic Forum Agenda

A new report titled “New Allies” identifies action areas for governments to foster collaboration with systems social entrepreneurs, who can be crucial allies for governments in tackling the challenges societies face. Governments can accelerate change by collaborating with systems social entrepreneurs on institutionalizing successful social innovations.

Read a summary of the new report on the World Economic Forum Agenda, written by Diana Wells of Ashoka, Victor van Vuuren of International Labour Organization, François Bonnici of Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, and Koen Vermeltfoort of McKinsey & Company.

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Governments also stand to benefit economically from this collaboration, because many social innovations have a positive financial impact at a societal level in the long run. In “From Small to Systemic. The Multibillion-Euro Potential in Social Innovations”, Ashoka Learning and Action Center and McKinsey & Company estimate that the benefit potential of social innovations developed by Ashoka Fellows in Germany could be as high as €18 billion a year.

Read more about this collaboration between Catalyst 2030 and its founding partners Ashoka, Echoing Green, the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and the Skoll Foundation, facilitated by McKinsey & Company.