A Special Power for Wildlife

Story bubbles on world map
Source: Ashoka
The wellbeing of wild creatures is important. Whether and how we protect that wellbeing is a reflection of our values and of our trustee relationship to all life on the planet. Importantly, wildlife also serves as the proverbial canary in the coal mine for the health and vitality of our earth.
For decades, Ashoka Fellows on every continent have pioneered one important new way after another to give wildlife a future. Each of these entrepreneurs’ proven, practical social change innovations helps the others with technical learning, new power levers, new ways of organizing, and increasing public support.
This is an example of Ashoka’s special power to change the world. That power flows from the fact that Ashoka is the global community of most of the world’s truly leading social entrepreneurs and their partners. It is a community of trust and omnidirectional collaboration. The magnetic attraction of this community, much more than a network effect, is strengthening as (1) the community’s team of teams architecture grows new sinews and effectiveness and (2) the historic emergence of the “everyone a changemaker” world gives the members of the community, working together, opportunities to be midwives to big history.
The stories in the booklet below are just a few examples of the global team of Ashoka Fellows whose mosaic of innovations and increasingly close collaboration are key to opening a way forward for wildlife.