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Europe Fellowship
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Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program 

The Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program is a co-learning and co-creation community to leverage Ashoka's local and global experience, resources, and networks in order to advance social entrepreneurship and changemaking for the good of all - across the continent. 

The Program empowers and connects Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Support Network members, Partners of Ashoka, Ashoka Young Changemakers, Ashoka Staff, Change Leaders and the key players in the social entrepreneurship media, business and academia ecosystems in Europe to learn from one another and aim for systems change in co-creative ways

Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program has 3 pillars: 

  1. Co-learning: A co-learning space where Ashoka´s community comes together to learn, co-create and innovate on cutting-edge topics in social entrepreneurship. Find out more here!  

  1. Ecosystem: We enable spaces for key players of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Europe to come together, exchange and collaborate. We offer our knowledge and insights with the aim of improving the ecosystem in Europe in a way that it enables social innovators to thrive. Find out more here!  

  1. Collective Impact: We enable spaces for Ashoka's community to co-create pan-European initiatives that address Europe's most pressing challenges by hosting labs to develop new collaborations and collective impact initiative. Find out more here!  


Live Ashoka  

To stay up to date with events organized by Ashoka Switzerland and our global community, we invite you to visit the Live Ashoka page. You can check out upcoming events, filter by the topic of your interest, have a look at the event calendar and explore all past events.