Ørestad Gymnasium

Changemaker School
Network Member Since 2016

Ørestad Gymnasium aims to develop education that prepares young people to become changemakers in the local and global community. The school wants to show that education can and must change in order to prepare students for the future. It has organized team of teams for teachers to innovate around the concept of teaching where the students are regarded as active producers rather than consumers of knowledge.

As an ‘experiment of pedagogy’, Ørestad upper secondary school learns and evolves alongside its students, staff and community. Ørestad Gymnasium is an exploration for the development of subjects and pedagogy and often applies real life cases as part of the curriculum. Alongside learning and creativity, another core value for Ørestad Gymnasium is appreciation where everybody should feel like taking part in the learning process and communities.

The school leadership actively empowers teachers and students to invent new ways of doing things and are willing to take risks. Sometimes the school will attend a project just to try something new. They believe that creativity is born from stretching our thoughts and stepping out of our comfort zone from time to time.