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Banner for the Brookings / Economic Architecture Project's Valuing Homes in Black Communities Challenge
Source: The Ashoka Economic Architecture Project (Stuart Yasgur)

New appraising techniques could ensure fairness, innovators say

This article originally appeared on WUSA Maryland

MARYLAND, USA — After WUSA 9 published a report last November detailing allegations of home appraisal bias in Prince George’s County, more families have come forward with similar experiences. These families claim because they’re Black homeowners in majority-Black neighborhoods, some home appraisers are assigning lower values, suggesting these neighborhoods do not hold equal value to houses in majority-white neighborhoods.

Many are banking on innovation to help propel change. The Brookings Institute partnered with Ashoka, a social entrepreneurship organization, to create the "Valuing Homes in Black Communities Challenge." The competition gave 10 organizations to address devaluation.

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