Ashoka Canada's Vision and Mission

Ashoka Canada green leaf
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Our Vision

Ashoka Canada imagines a radically new Canada where solutions outrun problems—a country where everyone is a changemaker.

Our Mission

We believe that Canada is uniquely positioned to be a world leader in social innovation, and in the development of new mindsets and skills around changemaking. We identify, support and amplify the work of truly exceptional individuals and institutions working to bring this promise into reality. We also help people see the world differently so they can act differently and become  a positive force for change in our rapidly changing world...

What We Do

Ashoka Fellows are at the core of what we do. We are dedicated to identifying, electing and supporting these leading social entrepreneurs who are working to create positive change across all sectors of Canadian society. Ashoka’s Fellow selection process sets these inspiring social entrepreneurs on the path to scaling their solutions for greater impact by becoming part of our growing global network.

In 2012, we launched AshokaU in Canada, an initiative for colleges and universities across the country to foster campus-wide cultures of social innovation, and help prepare graduates with the changemaking skills they will need for the future.

In 2016 we introduced our Changemaker Schools initiative, to identify precedent-setting K-12 schools fostering empathy and changemaking skills in children. Our growing network of Changemaker Campuses and Changemaker Schools are helping leverage systemic change and mindset shifts in how Canadians think about education in the 21st century. At our side in all of our efforts is our Ashoka Support Network, comprised of inspirational Canadian business entrepreneurs.

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