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Pandemic or Paradigm Shift?

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The opportunities that Covid-19 is creating for mankind is provocative. At a time, when we are dealing with so many different serious and real issues – are we perhaps able to indulge and think differently?

If we are willing to re-imagine, take action and weave in a shift towards a better world, as a society we could mobilize much more. Young people – the growing up years and their learning experiences have been fascinating me since my oldest son was born 15 years ago. Incidentally, it was about the same time a group of young entrepreneurial technology novices created some of the giants in our world today – Google, Facebook that have re-shaped the way we live, work and learn.

Home-based Learning driven by the lock-downs and “circuit-breakers” around the world are surfacing many issues for all parts of societies.

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In order to be able to be effective. we need to shift some deep under-lying belief systems:

  • Creating opportunities to unleash the agency of children, young people and teachers
  • Changemaking at home with as a family and learner community
  • Well-being as young people, parents and educators