Radhika: Desensitizing India to organ donations

Radhika, 19, is using creative interventions to spread awareness about organ donations through her initiative, The Second Chance Project.
Radhika AYC India 2019

About Radhika:

After Radhika lost a loved one to kidney failure, she launched The Second Chance Project, to spread awareness about organ donation in India. Through creative interventions such as street plays and organ donation aprons, Radhika’s team offers innovative, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective methods for education and awareness around the importance of donating organs.

To engage young children, they design ‘organ donation aprons’ by reviving simple household kitchen aprons with colorful drawings of body parts to highlight the importance and function of each organ.

Within 11 months, they have sensitized 700+ individuals and registered 50+ individuals to become organ donors through various awareness drives and workshops. They have started youth-led chapters in Dehradun and Delhi City with plans to expand to Mumbai.