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Bill Drayton and Social Entrepreneurship: How a Social Movement is Changing the World...and Launching Another Movement: EVERYONE A CHANGEMAKER

This article originally appeared on Forbes

Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton, ever the social entrepreneur, seeing other organizations taking much of the heavy responsibility for supporting the social entrepreneurship movement, has refocused a significant part of Ashoka on launching the “Everyone a Changemaker” movement. Don’t bet against him.  

Drayton shared with us his views on the world’s most pressing problems, and illuminated the ways that Ashoka is a shining, vibrant example of social entrepreneurship. His new movement, EACH, was the focus of our discussion.

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Ashoka insight

“We have developed two universal mindset change impact measures.  When everyone in society is asking and knows the answers to these questions, we've won.  So these are very, very important measures.”  

“The first measure is: What proportion of any group of people (e.g. young people) knows that they are a changemaker? How skilled are they at the four underlying abilities that make a changemaker?”  

“Measure two is: What proportion of the stakeholders in any organization (business, citizen group, government agency, any group) knows that they are part of a successful or failing group depending on whether or not it is an everyone a changemaker culture.”  

“The fluid, open, integrated team of teams is the new organization.  No organization has a choice.  If it doesn't have changemaker people and a fluid, open and integrated team of teams working together with appropriate synaptic architecture, it is going to fail.  Period.”