What's the Sound of a Movement?

KaBoom book
Source: KaBoom book

KaBOOM! is the sound of an idealist changing the world and it’s the sound of a call to action that challenges traditional notions of community and social change.

KaBOOM! How One Man Built a Movement to Save Play is a new book by Ashoka Fellow Darell Hammond.

Author David Bornstein describes Hammond as “a quintessential social entrepreneur whose inspiring and pragmatic story shows how we can make our society a happier and healthier place for all children.”

Bill Drayton, Chairman & CEO of Ashoka, says, “If you ever want to get to the heart of a great entrepreneur, you should read this book”.  

The story is of a man who grew up in a group home with his seven brothers and sisters and went on to build a world-class non-profit that harnesses the power of community to improve the lives of children. This is a story of a man with a vision: Play is the best natural resource in a creative economy and kids need more of it—it is not a luxury but a necessity for their lives. Through hard work, commitment, and the conviction that access to a safe play environment is the fundamental right of all children, Hammond built an organization that has touched the lives of countless children and families.

We’re sure you will be moved to take action.

You can find out more about the book here  and read an excerpt here. Enjoy!