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Il nostro sistema educativo non è al passo con i tempi. Se vogliamo costruire una vera uguaglianza, dice Bill Drayton, fondatore e CEO di Ashoka, dobbiamo dare potere ai giovani per cambiare il mondo.


Se pensi alla maggior parte dei più grandi imprenditori al mondo, hanno cominciato la loro scalata al vertice quando erano degli adolescenti, dice Bill Drayton, fondatore di Ashoka, organizzazione della società civile.

Ashoka Brasil lança movimento para reconhecer adolescentes e jovens em 2019

Em 2018, a Ashoka Global lançou um movimento para buscar jovens que já encontraram seu poder para criar mudanças para o bem de todos e que estão engajando seus pares. 13 jovens nos EUA e Indonésia já estão cocriando um mundo de pessoas que transformam, são os Ashoka Young Changemaker. Confira aqui as histórias dos jovens reconhecidos em 2018 (em inglês). 

#LeadYoung - Josh Kaplan: A teenager who wants to ensure everyone is a player

Teamwork is critical in order to be effective in a world that is changing fast. In order to succeed, every team must ensure that every player is contributing. Josh’s story is a wonderful example on how every young person is empowered to be a player and learns how to create change for the good of all.

#LeadYoung - Chirag Vedullapalli: Exploring the creativity of children for charity

The transition from the old world of rules, repetition and hierarchies requires for everyone to be a giver, “Everyone a Changemaker”. Chirag’s story touches on how nurturing the creative power of youth can transform into a tool for social change.

#LeadYoung - Peyton Klein: Creating a two-way stream of inclusion and cultural understanding

Change is happening all around us, all the time. How do we face it? Are we afraid or do we see new possibilities? When new immigrant and refugee students started coming to her school, Peyton Klein saw the possibility for mutual learning and support.

#LeadYoung - Joshua Williams: Igniting a movement of young changemakers to support people experiencing homelessness and poverty

Today’s world is fast. It’s connected.  It’s unpredictable and uncertain. But also full of possibilities. Joshua’s story is more than the story of one young person leading young.  It is the story of creating a culture and a pathway to help thousands of young people know they have the power to change their world.

Mithela Wants to Give Teenagers a Voice

Mithela has always been a Changemaker. But, it was at 18 that her parents allowed her to start her first big project. Her organization Power to Bloom works with young people in schools. They spend a year working with students in 6th to 10th grade to address topics that are important to the students. These topics range from Mental Health problems to social relationships and social taboos, to name just a few. It is about giving them a forum to talk about what their life is like.

Labib Works to Include Disabled People in Society - Bangla Version

লাবিব, যে নিজে তার চ্যাঞ্জমেকার যাত্রা শুরু করেন অল্প বয়সে, লাবিব বিশ্বাসী যে চেষ্টায় সফলতা! লাবিব ঢাকা শহরে অন্যতম একটি বড় একটি বিদ্যালয়ে পড়াশোনা করেন।