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#LeadYoung - Matine Khalighi: Turning empathy into collective action for the good of all in Denver, Colorado

Changemakers embody a new form of leadership needed in our rapidly changing and complex world.  Rather than one person leading and others following, today’s new leadership enables everyone to participate through fluid, open collaboration so that everyone can contribute. Matine’s story shows how a group of empathetic young peers learned how to identify a problem, build a team, and implement a solution. Together they are helping other young people realize their power as changemakers.

Carlo Stasolla - Associazione 21 Luglio

Battling the traditional approach that treats the Roma as a separate ethnic group, Carlo Stasolla works at the institutional, community and civil society levels to show that Europe’s most marginalized population is worthy of basic human rights, social services, and respect.

#LeadYoung - Joshua Williams: Supporting people experiencing homelessness and poverty

Joshua’s story is more than the story of one young person leading young. It is the story of creating a culture for all youth to be changemakers. It is the story of creating a culture and a pathway to help thousands of young people know they have the power to change the world.

Carlo Stasolla

Fellow dal 2017

Organizzazione: Associazione 21 Luglio

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Questa descrizione di Carlo Stasolla e del suo lavoro è stata preparata quando Carlo è stato eletto Ashoka Fellow nel 2017.

Community of Care: The Ashoka Fellow Bringing Mental Healthcare To Kolkata’s Homeless

In the hustling-bustling lanes of Kolkata, as life moves fast for everyone else, there is a population that is constantly left behind. That of the homeless on the streets of this vibrant city. As per the Census in 2011, Kolkata has a homeless population of 70,000. And a significant percentage of these suffer from mental health conditions. Pushed to the margins, they lack access to basic care and support that could help them with their condition.

Cinco historias de mujeres que transformaron desafíos en oportunidades

Por Florencia Tuchin para

En espacios pocos propicios para el liderazgo, caracterizados por entornos de vulnerabilidad y violencia, cinco mujeres supieron construir roles que no solo cambiaron sus vidas, sino que contribuyeron a mejorar su comunidad.