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A Mobile Commerce Approach to Poverty Alleviation

The Grameen Foundation’s Mobile Microfranchising initiative was selected as one of the winners of the Ashoka Changemakers Powering Economic Opportunity: Create a World that Works competition, a partnership with eBay Foundation.

Watch: Four Young Entrepreneurs with "Three Minutes to Change the World"

These four young innovators, and their stories of change, have been captured in a new one-hour documentary on PBS, "Three Minutes to Change the World(brought to you by the Emmy Award-winning creators of "Bill Nye the Sciene Guy" and "Biz Kid$").

Former Ashoka Senior Health Advisor Appointed CTO of the United States

Last month, President Obama appointed former Ashoka Senior Health Advisor Todd Park as the second person ever to hold the position of U.S. Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The 39-year-old entrepreneur  has spent the past two decades providing efficient technological solutions to improving access to information—from rural villages in India to communities across America.

Ashoka U and Cordes Foundation Announce “Most Innovative Educators of 2012”

Forget the Oscars—this week, the hottest stars on the red carpet are ideas for improving higher education. Six sustainable, scalable teaching and partnership models to bring disruptive social innovation education have won the 2012 Ashoka U – Cordes Innovation Award.

Ashoka’s Globalizers are Scaling-up Mobile Technology Solutions to Reach 7 Billion

There is nothing more powerful than pattern-changing ideas in the hands of leading social entrepreneurs (as Ashoka CEO Bill Drayton reminds us). The greatest challenge in today’s rapidly changing world is figuring out how to scale-up these good ideas.

Who Will Win the Duel? - Building Full Information Citizenship

It's a duel, quite possibly to the death. The bad guys: Censorship, surveillance, sabotage, fraud. The good guys: Freedom, access to information, quality of information, privacy, and security. The venue: the Internet. The stakes: Couldn't be higher.

Scaling-up Social Impact by Giving Away Value? We're Open to that Idea.

Open source thinking is no longer a skill reserved for software engineers, but a valuable skill for social entrepreneurs.

Growing Great Ideas: a STEM Story

In the spring of 2009, I set out on a quest to expose students in metro Atlanta schools to a fun and engaging experience in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. I love these subjects and believe in the skills and perspective that they give to students.

I had first shown students the power of an engaging STEM education as a sophomore in mechanical engineering at MIT, when I coached a team of local high school students in a robotics competition. As an adult, with children of my own, I set out to work with students on STEM education once again.

Ashoka’s Youth Venture and Best Buy Present Winners of the ‘Technology for a Better World’ Campaign

Ashoka’s Youth Venture, a global organization supporting youth social entrepreneurs, and Best Buy Co., Inc. are proud to present the five winners of the Technology for a Better World Campaign. The winners were recognized for their innovative contributions to public and community service at the prestigious Jefferson Awards in Washington, D.C. in May 2011.

Leading Women ChangemakeHERS Reveal Blueprints for Action

Imagine a master class for social change: an academy of action where concrete advice, guidance, and direction for every level of changemaking – from the first spark of an idea to the scaling of an innovation across the globe – are shared by some of the world’s most accomplished innovators and activists.