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Due to their shared dedication to empowering young women, German ASN member Reinhard Gorenflos and Ashoka Fellow Regina Agyare were introduced through the Ashoka Globalizer Summit on Youth Empowerment in Africa in February 2015. Reinhard founded Tua Res Foundation in 2012 and Regina founded Soronko Solutions in 2011, through which she launched a program called Tech Needs Girls.

Global Media Forum der deutschen Welle: Internationale Ashoka Fellows diskutieren neue Wege im Journalismus

In der Medienwelt zeichnet sich ein neues Paradigma ab: technische Errungenschaften erlauben eine immer schnellere Kommunikation, an der mehr Menschen als je zuvor über den Globus verteilt teilhaben können. Während sich traditionelle Medien aufgrund starrer Strukturen oft nur langsam an die sich schnell wandelnde Welt anpassen, entwickeln Ashoka Fellows und andere Medieninnovatoren bereits jetzt neue, frei zugängliche und offene Kommunikationsstrukturen.

Technology And Changemaking: The Languages Of The Future

While technology companies and social impact entrepreneurs have historically operated independently of one another, they often share many common attributes and values: innovation, a desire for a better world, and a belief that technology has the potential to change the world for the good of all. In the same way that technologists innovate new tools, social innovators invent, reinvent and refine new ways and systems for social impact.

Winning Ideas Unlocking Community Potential: Sign Language Learning, Mobile Finance & Tackling Hunger

Ashoka is proud to announce the winners of Makers of More! The Makers of More Challenge, launched in partnership with Arthur Guinness Projects, received more than 300 entries from 45 countries around the world. The challenge aimed to discover innovators with solutions that build stronger communities with brighter futures.

Future of Work: What Skills Will Help Us Keep Pace?

From Elon Musk’s tweet that artificial intelligence may be more dangerous than nuclear weapons to the growing clamor of voices warning robots will take away our jobs, it is clear we are focusing more on the problems of AI, robotics, and automation than the solutions. While the problems are real and should be taken into account, social innovators around the world are already working to deliver solutions.

New Report: Technology drives change. How does social innovation drive technology?

How do you use ICT (information and communication technologies) to create social impact?

"ICT for the sake of ICT is a waste of precious resources. We are delighted to have worked with partners like Ashoka who understand the deep value that ICT can bring to social change when it is offered in context, with appropriate training, and with the intent of empowering the user. We hope this report inspires many others to take up this challenge in ways we haven’t even begun to imagine," says Wendy Hawkins, Executive Director of the Intel Foundation.

Community Feedback: Keeping a Remote Sales Network in the Loop

From the outside, Ibu Sinta’s warung in the city of Denpasar looks like any other small, family-run grocery shop so commonly found throughout Indonesia. But take a closer look and you will see several unusual products, including solar lamps, fuel-efficient cook stoves and water filters.

Meeting Rural Access Challenges with Business Solutions

Daniel Canning is Vice President, U.S. Money Transfer at Western Union Financial Services.  In 2011 he traveled to India to work with Drishtee, an organization founded by Ashoka Fellow Satyan Mishra that provides essential servicesto rural villages via locally run franchisee kiosks.