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What ever happened to apprenticeships? One Ashoka Fellow is working to bring them back and is reengaging students along the way!

"I didn't learn these things until my first year in college!" Ken Hayes said as he describes his architecture apprenticeship with Carlos, a 7th grade Spark student doing his second apprenticeship in architecture. Ken, of the Ken Hayes Group, has been in business for over a decade and helped Carlos deepen his knowledge of house foundations and structures. In fall 2009, Carlos designed the exterior of a dream house for his mother.

"It's my dream to build my mother a unique house, a house not like any others," Carlos said.

Federal Government opens its eyes to social innovation in the citizen sector

Yesterday at a press conference honoring Congresswoman Betty McCollum a legislative act was introduced that could shift the way government interacts with and supports social innovations.

Nonprofit Organization Highlights Local Changemakers in Haiti

"People in poverty are championing the way out of poverty," declared Daphne Nederhorst, Ashoka Fellow and founder of Sawa Global, an organization highlighting local changemakers in their home communities.

What Is a Social Entrepreneur, Really?

In the middle of the night, I wake up thinking about this question. 

Why is this on my mind, you might be wondering? As a recently baptized Ashoka Fellow, I find myself spending a lot of time lately explaining the meaning of the phrase social entrepreneurship. The sometimes confused looks on the faces of people listening tell me that they don't always get it.
Fueled by insomnia and searching for a better explanation, I fire up the Internet and, of course, check Wikipedia. It says this:

Conversation with Ashoka Globalizer Fellow Estela Villareal

We recently spoke with Ashoka Fellow Estela Villareal.  Estela is one of our Fellows from Mexico and also a 2010 Ashoka Globlizer Fellow. Estela uses public recreational spaces to facilitate interaction between disabled and non-disabled youth to promote mainstream integration for people with special needs.

New York University Recognizes Ashoka’s Historic Role

New York University will recognize the historic role that Ashoka and its community have played through awarding an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters to Ashoka CEO, Bill Drayton, in its 178th commencement.  The commencement exercises will be held Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 in Yankee Stadium.  Founded in 1831, NYU is one of America’s leading research universities and a member of the selective Association of American Universities.  The honorary degrees awarded annually during the NYU Commencement are the highest honor conferred by the university.

Bill Drayton on Social Entrepreneurship in Japan + Recruiting for Ashoka's Japan Representative

Ashoka CEO Bill Drayton in Asahi Newspaper, Japan

Ashoka CEO Bill Drayton recently visited Japan as part of the development of Ashoka Japan. Initially Youth Venture will be launched in Japan, followed by other Ashoka programs as it makes sense to do so. You can read Ashoka advisor Nana Watanabe's account of Bill's trip here.

Bill Drayton on the power of collaborative entrepreneurship in McKinsey's "What Matters?"

Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton has contributed an essay to McKinsey&Company's new What Matters publication and website.

In it he describes the qualities and instincts of social entrepreneurs, sharing lessons learnt from 30 years of seeking out the world's most high-impact changemakers.

Ashoka debuts in Japan

In February 2010, Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton had a series of meetings in Tokyo, with 360 audience members at a University symposium, the Japanese Prime Minister (video), congressmen, and major media reporters.

Mary Robinson's Keynote Address to the Ashoka Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Ireland

Former President of Ireland and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson gave the keynote address at the Ashoka Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Ireland yesterday: