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Poadcast - MyGreenGo, un nouveau service de consigne pour les restaurateurs

Mardi 18 mai, Melchior Gormand (RCF)  accueille dans son émission Tous Acteurs du Changement Lucas Gaffran, co-fondateur de MyGreenGo (Lauréat de l'Appel à Solutions). L'entreprise se donne pour mission la réduction des déchets en installant un service de consignes clé en main, créant ainsi d

Con solo diez años son agentes de cambio para conservar el planeta

La Fundación Solar INTI visita las escuelas para realizar talleres con niños y docentes. Les proponen cuidar los recursos naturales e inventar artefactos que faciliten la vida cotidiana.

Por María De Los Ángeles Rojas , 20 de abril 2018.

#LeadYoung - Where the wild things start: How Nicole Rycroft’s early love of nature inspired her environmental career

Ashoka Fellow Nicole Rycroft is protecting ancient forests by working with global book publishers, newspapers, magazines, and fashion brands to shift to alternative and sustainably produced wood-based fabrics and paper. Her environmental NGO Canopy counts more than 750 large customer companies from H&M to publishers of the Harry Potter series as partners in this fight.

#LeadYoung - Three Kolkata teenagers shows what it takes to grow up solving social problems in today’s world

In a world where social problems are on the rise, a growing number of young people are leading the solutions. Ashoka Youth Venturer, Prateek Agarwal resisted the pressures to focus only on academic studies when faced with a dire issue: the proliferation of plastic bags choking the environment in Kolkata.  His deep-rooted passion for the environment and volunteerism exposed him early to waste issues and gave him the confidence to #LeadYoung.

From Standing Rock to Pine Ridge Reservation Community Sustainability: Ashoka Fellow NickTilsen

One of the Dakota Access Pipeline's most devoted protestors is making his strongest stand back in his hometown. On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, Nick Tilsen, a 34-year-old member of the Oglala Lakota Nation and founding executive director of the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation, is breaking ground on nearly three dozen homes and other amenities on 34 acres of land.

Using microbes to eat plastic and produce chemicals

Ambercycle makes microbes that can eat plastic instead of throwing them away. Our microbes produce chemicals when fed plastic. These chemicals are the raw materials for polyesters. By starting with waste plastic instead of oil, we can make cheaper raw materials for polyester manufacturing that are 100% renewably sourced.

It wasn't till after hundreds of hours were spent in the lab that we identified a unique pathway that can make special microbes metabolize plastic. We are determined to solve the problems facing polyester materials and won't stop working until we do.

Kentucky Entrepreneur Nate Morris Is Disrupting The World's Toughest Industry: Garbage

We hear endless talk about smart entrepreneurs in established innovation hubs like Silicon Valley and New York City, but some of the juiciest business solutions are cropping up in elsewhere U.S.A.—places in Middle America like…Kentucky.