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Ashoka Fellow Juan David Aristizábal Ospina: 'If You Are Using Your Talents, You Are Changing the World'

Ashoka Fellow Juan David is a 23-year-old social entrepreneur who founded the organization Buena Nota in Colombia. Juan David recently visited Ashoka's global headquarters in Rosslyn, VA where he spoke about his new book, "Llenando Espacios" (Filling the Void) and about his experiences as a social entrepreneur in Colombia.


Juan David's Road to Social Entrepreneurship


'Who Cares?': A Film About Social Entrepreneurship Wins the Best Feature Documentary Award at the DC Film Festival

The Portuguese language film “Quem se Importa?”—which translates to “Who Cares?” in English—was written and directed by Mara Mourão and produced by Tatiana Battaglia. Mourão's crew shot the film in a total of 20 locations in just 40 days, capturing the stories of everyday people in Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and in the United States who have achieved extraordinary impact with their social good projects.

A Winning Idea: TV For And By The People

This past week, Ashoka Fellow Felipe Heusser and Jeff Warren were named winners of The Knight Foundations News Challenge for a TV network built for the people, by the people. The two call it, PeepolTV.

Who Cares

"We are not guests here, we're creators, we create our own life, we create our own world. (…) We must imagine what kind of world we want to create, and start doing that." – Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank (Bangladesh), Ashoka’s Global Academy Member, and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Changemaking is Officially in Vogue with Tr3s Bling

What better way to share your passion for changemaking than by looking sharp with your own Changemakers bling? Imagine how you – or someone special in your life – will look with a “I am a Changemaker / Yo soy un Agente de Cambio” necklace or bracelet.

Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más, and the jewelry design company Uno Magnetic have linked up to launch Tr3s Bling, a youth-driven social impact campaign under the guidance of Agentes de Cambio (ADC) — a joint collaboration between MTV and the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) Youth Program.

Changing the Face of Information in Pakistan

Ashoka fellow Shafqat Munir Ahmad’s organization Journalists for Democracy and Human Rights (JDHR) has educated over 1200 journalist to incorporate social issues into mainstream media. The success of JDHR led Shafqat to create a new initiative this year called the Infochange News and Features Network (INFN).

TEDx Makes Learning Fun

How to describe TEDx? Inspiring. Educational. Fun. According to the New York Times, also “sexy”. A good example encompassing all these adjectives? Ashoka and Ashoka U TEDx events!

In late September, the New York Times wrote an article about the power of TEDx, and we are thrilled that Ashoka U’s past TEDx event was mentioned. We’re proud of the events’ success and its reflection of TED values.

First Fact-based Study of Global Media & Violence Shows Al Jazeera Providing Broadest Coverage on Afghanistan

The Institute for Economics and Peace and Media Tenor have released “Measuring Peace in the Media”, the first study that takes a fact-based approach into understanding the accuracy of international television networks’ coverage of peace, violence and conflict.

Grasshopper Raises $20,000 for Ashoka with Great Video

Grasshopper is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get started and succeed. Their flagship product is a phone system designed for entrepreneurs.

To help inspire people to start a business and live their dreams last year they created a video, "Entrepreneurs Can Change the World", which has so far recieved almost 350,000 views on YouTube.

An Incredible Two Weeks for the Ashoka Fellowship

The last two weeks have been great ones for the Ashoka Fellowship. During this time a stunning number of Fellows have received a variety of accolades. We are thrilled that these visionary social entrepreneurs are being recognized by so many organizations. Awards are important for social entrepreneurs. They often come with resources vital to the ongoing success of their work. They raise the profile of their work, inspiring others to join their cause. And they sustain and inspire changemakers through the inevitable challenges and set-backs along their journey.