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#LeadYoung - Anshul Tewari Created India’s Largest Youth Media Platform at Age 17

Anshul Tewari was dismayed that cultural taboos are producing “a culture of silence that is pushing an entire generation away from changemaking.”

3 Media and Technology Solutions for the Good of All from Ashoka’s Media and Technology Fellows at the DW Global Media Forum

Across the world today, citizens are active participants both as members of the audience, news makers and reporters. People are contributing to the story of change as technology lowers barriers to participation, making it possible for many more to participate. Local changemakers share media coverage, which in turn has the potential to affect how foreign policy and global affairs are conceived.

Bill Drayton discusses a Changemaker world with Carnegie Council

"Young people cannot know they are Changemakers unless they have done something that proves it to themselves.” said Bill Drayton in his conversation with the Carnegie foundation on June 10, 2015.

Announcing Our First Storytellers-in-Residence

Meet Christine McLaren and Erin Millar of Discourse Media



Ashoka Canada is pleased to announce the selection of our first Storytellers-in-Residence, a new program supporting Canadian innovators in media.

Meet Attila Mong - A Storyteller-in-Residence

Hungarian journalist Attila Mong made news himself in 2010 when he publicly protested a controversial and repressive media law by observing a minute of silence on his daily news show on the Hungarian Public Radio. That symbolic gesture was enough to get him suspended. Since then, he has continued to champion press freedom in Hungary and around the world. He became a Storyteller-in-Residence for Ashoka (Europe) in 2013 and believed in it so much that he's now helping Ashoka expand the program globally.

Storytellers in Residence - An elected community hosted by Ashoka and partners

People take time out and recruit themselves to accomplish extraordinary things. Around the world, 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs ("Ashoka Fellows") have taken this leap into the unknown, driven by a new idea that they know can solve a social problem at scale. 

This Is Our Time For Storytelling: 3 1/2 Tips For Writing About Social Change From An Award-Winning Author

Storytelling can indeed influence social change. And the time is now. Thanks to the social Web, the creative pen comes in many shapes and sizes and we have massive distribution channels right at our fingertips. Today, each of us has the opportunity, and the platform, to not only share our stories but also to play a role in creating positive impact by informing the global conversation.

Co-Creating Our Future, One Big Idea At A Time

It used to be that if you went to school and studied hard, you would get a job, buy a house and be a generally successful person. But the world is changing too fast now. Hierarchies are flattening, rules are constantly in flux and often in conflict, and the global information flow is rapid and ambiguous. We are seeing dramatic shifts in power from a few elite people and institutions to the crowd. Each of us has an unprecedented ability to change the world.