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Empathy as Key to Reporting on Gender and Sexuality

While waiting for a doctor’s appointment in Mumbai, a trans woman from Kerala overheard someone else talking on the phone in Malayalam. She discovered that the person was a trans man from her home state, who was at the clinic for the same reason she was – to get gender affirmation surgery. They started talking, exchanged numbers, kept in touch and eventually fell in love.

In reporting the news of their wedding, this is how a major daily chose to frame the headline: ‘Mumbai: Man who became a woman weds woman who became a man.’

Make Everyone Powerful: Ensuring Equality

Despite this hugely significant ruling in India—the second-most populous nation in the world—there is still much more work to be done, in India and around the world, to ensure that just, equitable, and inclusive societies exist for all people. Ashoka believes that leading social entrepreneurs have an important role to play in the global LGBT+ rights movement at this critical juncture. We accelerate innovation in this field by supporting LGBT+ leaders and organizations who focus on systemic, cross-sectoral and global change.

Changemaking for LGBTQ Rights in India: Enter, QueerAbad

On the last Sunday of every month for a year now, a group of people have gathered in the city of Ahmedabad to ask questions. Questions are asked anonymously – participants write them on a chit of paper and put them in a bowl.

Hosted by the city-based group QueerAbad, the event series is called ‘Ask What You Will.’