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Hacia una moda ética

"La moda genera un marcado impacto sociológico, económico y medioambiental" así lo afirma Adriana Marina, fundadora de Hecho por nosotros.


El primer restaurante “KM 0” de la Argentina ya funciona en Necochea.

Using microbes to eat plastic and produce chemicals

Ambercycle makes microbes that can eat plastic instead of throwing them away. Our microbes produce chemicals when fed plastic. These chemicals are the raw materials for polyesters. By starting with waste plastic instead of oil, we can make cheaper raw materials for polyester manufacturing that are 100% renewably sourced.

It wasn't till after hundreds of hours were spent in the lab that we identified a unique pathway that can make special microbes metabolize plastic. We are determined to solve the problems facing polyester materials and won't stop working until we do.

Portrait : Claire Grolleau et Ecolo Crèche

 Claire Grolleau Escriva, fondatrice du label « Ecolo Crèche© », accompagnée par Ashoka depuis 2011, nous fait entrer dans le projet de sa vie : permettre aux enfants de développer des qualités d'acteur de changement… dès la crèche !

Book Release from the Ashoka Community: The Wealth of the Poor - Scaling Up Business Solutions to Social Problems

Irrigation pumps, latrines, home improvement packages or bicycles could be added to this list. The cumulated impact of these investments would literally transform the lives of these families. So, why aren’t these families seizing these attractive investment opportunities?