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Gaël Musquet - Hackers Against Natural Disasters

Surviving Hurricane Hugo as a child eventually drove Gaël Musquet to create a citizen-led approach to disaster management. Gaël combines local citizens, authorities, and “hacktivists”—experts who use computers to solve problems for social good—to better coordinate communities before, during, and after a natural disaster.

Lessons on Global Crisis Management, from Haiti to Japan

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the earthquake that struck Japan in 2011. The resulting tsunami and international nuclear crisis affected hundreds of thousands of people. 

Empathy as a Way of Being

A conversation with Sonali Ojha, Ashoka Fellow and founder of the Dreamcatchers Foundation

When the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami struck at the end of 2004, hundreds of relief organizations rushed to the scene. Sonali Ojha's organization, the Dreamcatchers Foundation, was there too, but to perform a very different function than first aid and rescue.

Ashoka's Newest Fellows are Innovating for the Environment

Our hearts and minds have been focused on nature’s power after the recent earthquake in Virginia, and the major blow from Hurricane Irene that tore up the Atlantic coast. But if we look past these most recent disasters, we can see signs of opportunity in the environmental recovery and conservation efforts of Ashoka’s change agents.