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Montgomery Park: Boston, MA

On summer evenings, the glow of candlelight illuminates the lush plantings of Montgomery Park, a third of an acre backyard shared by 85 households in Boston's South End neighborhood. This community green has become the heart of a diverse community of neighbors who have grown to be "the best of friends."

Alley Gating and Greening: The Baltimore Story and How CG Began

"I thought it was a great idea to gate [the alley] and to try to get people to look at it in a different way. At the time, I didn’t realize it, but afterwards I realized it was a great community-building project because you got to know your neighbors through the meetings or just knocking on their doors and asking them to donate money to buy the gates."

Why Should You Develop Community Greens in your City?

Whether they are incorporated into new developments or become part of the fabric of existing neighborhoods, community greens have a number of remarkable benefits both at an individual level and at the local, city level.

Individuals and their families benefit a lot from Community Greens which:

Shreen Saroor - Women’s Action Network (WAN)

Recognizing that the women’s movement in Sri Lanka needs a new generation of leaders after its deadly civil war, Shreen Saroor is creating a cadre of young women who are bringing new solutions to overcome the socio-cultural inequalities that have long prevented women from exercising full citizenship in the country.

Building a Movement for Dalit Rights: A Conversation with Christina Dhanaraj

Christina Thomas Dhanaraj is part of a community of Indian activists who are speaking truth to power against caste-based violence and discrimination. Many of these voices have stormed the bastions of establishment media and are engaged in asking critical questions about the pervasiveness of casteism in all aspects of life.

A Prison Sits Empty, A Nonprofit Moves In

As a social worker accustomed to prodding the minds of adjudicated youth in the juvenile justice system, Ashoka Fellow Noran Sanford has long been an inquisitive kind of guy. So when he discovered that six prisons had closed within a 50-mile radius of his home in rural Laurinburg, N.C., including one in the nearby town of Wagram, he began asking questions. Lots of them. “It was in that moment that I began putting together the idea that somebody should do something with these large sites,” Sanford says.


Guillermo es un empresario con diversas inversiones en el sector agropecuario y agroindustrial. 
Previamente ha tenido una larga carrera en el sector bancario como Director y CEO del Banco Comafi, Chairman y CEO de First Data Southamerica, Gerente General de Argencard y Director de Banca de Personas y Seguros del Banco de GALICIA. 
Además, durante el período 2016/2017 fue Representante Comercial de la República Argentina en la Embajada Argentina en Washington DC.

From Subsistence Farming to Fair Trade - Empowering Women in Burkina Faso: Ashoka Fellow Marceline Ouedraogo

By improving the quality of Shea Butter production in Burkina Faso, Marcelline Ouedraogo has enabled a significant increase in income to more than 3,000 women across the country.