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    Wie Unternehmen ihre Mitarbeiter*innen auf die Arbeitswelt 4.0 vorbereiten


    Automatisierung steigert nicht nur Nachfrage nach digitalen Fähigkeiten, sondern auch nach sozialen Kompetenzen – Unternehmen müssen neue M

    How Companies Prepare Their Employees for the World of Work 4.0


    Automation and digitization pose enormous challenges for companies. To remain competitive, they will have to develop entirely new forms of fur

    Eleonora Voltolina


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    De la Silicon Valley à Paris : mettre la technologie au service de l'intérêt général


    Mardi 25 septembre, l'émission infrarouge, présentée par Marie Drucker sur France 2, sera consacrée au documentaire

    Today, unemployment is essentially seen as an economical problem with widespread negative psychological consequences. Emilie wants to turn it into a positive “learning life experience”. To equip unemployed persons and society with the core capabilities to seize such an opportunity to learn and grow, Emilie came up with a unique framework for the unemployed to self-organize in local optimist communities.

    By working with the Mexican Government, Daniela is creating a new legislative framework that guarantees basic working and social standards to inmates in prison and incentivizes companies to formally employ convicts. Moreover, Daniela combines dignified, well-paid labor opportunities and a personal development program to incarcerated women to improve their quality of life in prison and upon release.

    María is transforming the apparel industry in Europe by creating an open and scalable strategy implemented across the whole value chain that promotes a sustainable and affordable textile production and consumption.

    Every year, big companies spend billions of euros in procurement, but discriminate against local entrepreneurs who lack the right networks or the right reputation. Majid El Jarroudi is bridging this gap by setting all entrepreneurs on an equal footing through a unique platform that connects procurement officers’ needs with the potential of entrepreneurs in disadvantaged areas.

    Scott Stiles aims to end debt bondage and forced labour of migrant workers throughout Asia, by making exploitative recruitment unprofitable

    Brandon Dennison is showing the workforce development sector how they can pioneer new and viable economic markets while at the same time creating direct employment and personal development opportunities for disadvantaged workers, dramatically transforming a stale field and helping whole regions see and seize their potential.