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    In Memory of Orri Vigfusson, Who Saved the North Atlantic’s Salmon


    The global Ashoka community deeply mourns the loss of Icelandic Fellow Orri Vigfússon

    Lujo sustentable, de Los Andes a París


    Bajo el concepto de “moda ética”, Animaná articula el trabajo de artesanos para crear prendas que se venden en su boutique en la

    Amanda is building a curated system for social enterprises, responsible businesses, and conscious consumers to come together, support each other, and catalyze the transition to a 21st century economy that is good for people and good for the planet.

    Con solo diez años son agentes de cambio para conservar el planeta


    La Fundación Solar INTI visita las escuelas para realizar talleres con niños y docentes.

    Claire reimagines the value chain behind food production as being led by individuals and communities, enabling South Africans of all ages and backgrounds to take pride in being able to grow their own fruit and vegetables. She does this by positioning home and school-based gardens as an educational tool, through which she conveys and creates joy in growing food, creating the bedrock for a food-secure and healthy citizenry.

    Enercoop dans le top 3 des fournisseurs d'électricité verte de Greenpeace !


    En se basant sur 4 critères pour évaluer la démarche écologique des principaux fournisseurs d'électricité de France

    Interview with Cedric Solms


    This is about a new kind of leadership. I want to become a new kind of leader.

    Brandon Dennison is showing the workforce development sector how they can pioneer new and viable economic markets while at the same time creating direct employment and personal development opportunities for disadvantaged workers, dramatically transforming a stale field and helping whole regions see and seize their potential.

    David Yeung is seeking to mitigate the impact on the environment and climate change caused by vast consumption of beef, poultry and pork by offering consumers in Greater China and East Asia easy ways to reduce meat in their daily diet and shift to a more sustainable plant-based choice in diet.