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    Alvaro Nuñez is catalyzing the culture, infrastructure, and market necessary to develop a practice of e-recycling in Mexico. Alvaro’s nonprofit, Punto Verde, works with schools, volunteers, and municipal governments to generate a culture of e-recycling in response to the large and growing problem of e-waste, while his social business, Recicla Electrónicos Mexico, provides the actual infrastructure to lead the market in environmentally and socially responsible e-recycling.

    Gilda Henríquez Darlas has developed a universal primary-school education program to equip children with the tools to become self-aware moral actors. Gilda is convinced that all people have the potential to develop empathy, compassion and wisdom if only given the opportunity to do so, which is the most fundamental purpose of her Universal Education model.

    By not taking sufficient interest in the lives and culture of its indigenous groups, Mexico has permitted the silent exploitation, illegal imprisonment, and denial of basic services to a large number of her people. By not listening to what Mexican Indians have to say, Mexico is losing the opportunity to hear creative solutions to problems like environmental destruction.

    Dr. U. Jaikumaran is working with agriculture laborers in India to prepare the agriculture sector to meet the country’s food needs, by organizing them into a Food Security Army and introducing technology, efficiency, and professionalism to their work.

    In deprived areas of London, increased violence, theft, and drug use have contributed to the rise of crime among young people. To address these problems, Junior Smart has developed an ex-prisoner led peer mentoring system that provides services to prisoners to address the broad array of problems they face in prison, before release, and as they integrate back into society.

    A former national rugby player, Matthew Spacie is bringing recreational sports to children living in poor, urban neighborhoods in India. He is building their confidence and sense of community and teaching them to value teamwork and physical health. To support his work, he attracts volunteers and business sponsors and inspires reform in municipal funding for community sports.

    Ruth Ibegbuna founded RECLAIM to tackle the UK’s low rates of social mobility. RECLAIM is building a new strand of working-class youth leadership with the mission of “being seen, being heard and leading change”, coming out of the most marginalized areas in regional cities with a powerful influence on politics, the media, and mindsets locally and nation-wide.

    Bohdan Skrzypczak is enlivening people in the small towns of rural northeast Poland with positive social energy and respect for others. He is introducing community-based eco-tourism that celebrates the history of peaceful coexistence local groups have enjoyed with each other and with the environment, and his leadership is having a ripple effect in the region.

    Irene Torices works with people with disabilities, their families, and the professional community around them to ensure they can exercise their sexual and reproductive rights in an informed, free, responsible and healthy way.

    Albert Jovell is placing patients at the center of the healthcare system in Spain, giving them more decision-making power in issues concerning their health. To do this he is firstly equipping them with appropriate knowledge regarding their treatment and conditions. Beyond empowering them on a personal level, Albert has also placing patient representatives in the governing and advisory committees that steer the healthcare system.