Founded in 2005, Kinomé is a social business aiming at improving human beings’ daily lives thanks to forests and trees and thus reversing the trend of deforestation and climate change. To date more than 4.4 million trees have been planted protected, for the benefit of over 1.8 million persons. The focus of Kinome in the Social Investment Accelerator is 5Deltas (5Δ) collective.

Kinomé co-created the 5Deltas (5Δ) collective in 2014, in order to build a large-scale collective action to protect mangroves ecosystems and improve the daily life of coastal communities in West Africa. The 5Δ collective gathers 14 organizations working over 500,000 ha of mangrove for the benefit of 250,000 people, in Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Senegal. The aim is to share, improve and disseminate their tools, methodologies and good management practices to help local communities to live better in mangrove areas.

KINOME is represented by Damien Kuhn, International Development Manager, in the Social Investment Accelerator. Contact Damien at

Key words: Reforestation, agriculture, mangrove, local economies, food processing, collective action, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Senegal

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