JVE was founded in 2001 by Togolese students deeply troubled by the degradation of their lands and the impoverishment of their people. In accordance with Agenda 21, JVE maintains a core belief that education, especially for the youth, is key to changing attitudes, promoting social justice, protecting the environment, and enhancing sustainable development. Since its beginnings, JVE has greatly expanded its outreach to become the widest ecological youth organization in Africa. With a focus on equity, JVE seeks to empower the rural poor to achieve their fullest potential. By fostering youth initiative and independence, JVE prepares such environmental activists to become the next wave of ethical, bright social impact leaders.


JVE has over 2,000 registered members and an estimate of over 5,000 volunteers in Africa and beyond. They also have 35 active local branches with a presence in over 21 African countries and nearly forty local branches in Togo alone. Over 60% of the population benefits from JVE actions especially the youth and the rural people. The focus of JVE in the Social Investment Accelerator is the creation of green jobs and youth-led enterprises. 

Founded by Ashoka Fellow Sena Alouka


Key words: Togo, environmental education, advocacy, youth entrepreneurship, green jobs

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