Introducing Ireland’s first five Changemaker Schools!

Changemaker Schools is a new programme created by Ashoka to identify, support and connect innovative schools around the world. These schools are empowering young people to be changemakers – children with empathy, creativity, teamwork and leadership skills to unleash the full potential of themselves and others.

The next generation leading social, environmental and economic development. Changemaker Schools has been inspired by Ashoka’s history of identifying and investing in over 3,000 social entrepreneurs, Ashoka Fellows. These social entrepreneurs have devised new solutions to some of the world’s biggest social, economic and environmental challenges, with many giving rises to major global trends and movements.

Hundreds of Ashoka Fellows in multiple countries are working directly with young people, providing them with opportunities to lead from an early age and develop the skills they need to be changemakers. In Ireland, Ashoka is supporting the spread of innovations in education, in projects such as Roots of Empathy, CoderDojo, Playworks and more.

In a rapidly changing world, many primary schools across Ireland and the world recognize the need for a new way of learning. By building this network we aim to showcase best practices and inspire new ways of thinking in education systems across the world.

Ireland's Changemaker Schools


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