COMACO is mitigating key drivers of environmental degradation compounded by poverty among the households across a rural landscape through the promotion of climate-smart agriculture and sustainable forest management. COMACO engages farmers in a food production value chain that provides market incentives for promoting climate-smart practices and improved community land-use planning. The products that COMACO manufactures are sold under the brand “It’s Wild,” and their proceeds support annual conservation dividend payments to communities that meet conservation standards.

179, 000 farmers pledged to conserve and over 1,700 poachers transformed. The organization has increased food security by 78% whilst increasing the annual income by 450 %.

COMACO is represented by Angel Makungu, GIS specialist, in the Social Investment Accelerator. Contact Angel at 

Founded by Ashoka Fellow Dale Lewis

Key words: Zambia, agriculture, forestry, food processing


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