This India Today episode features two leading schools of the country - Tribune Model School in Chandigarh and Aklavya International School in Puducherry. Helping young people develop a changemaking mindset from a young age, these schools are reimagining education around raising changemakers. Students are seen as powerful contributors, not passive participants in the classroom. 

Initiatives like Changemaker Days and Technology for Changemaking enable young people to channel their inner power and find their spark for creating change for the good of all. These changemaker education programs and student-run social ventures prepare students for the unpredictability of their futures by promoting skills in empathy, teamwork, collaborative leadership, and changemaking. 

Watch how these schools are taking the steps to build an ecosystem to Create their students as Changemaker and inspire the next generation of schools. Plus, hear directly from young changemakers leading social and environmental initiatives in their communities with the support of their educators and schools. 

Ashoka Schools Changemaker Series | India Today Episode 1

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