The world is changing.

In a world defined by rapid change, interconnectedness and uncertainty, where our social problems are deep and urgent, changemaking must become the new literacy.

A changemaker is anyone that steps up to solve a problem for the good of all.



What is Your Kids?

Your Kids is an innovative parent-led initiative that supports employees and their families to practice changemaker skills—empathy, new leadership, collaborative teamwork, and changemaking.

What people care about most are their kids. Your Kids enables employees to understand that this is a new world/new game and for their kids to succeed, they need to become changemakers. And the best way to support children to be changemakers is to be changemakers themselves.

Through our 90-minute experiential workshop and the opportunity to convene with colleagues, employees create ideas and model changemaking skills with the ones they love the most—their kids.

This process creates more engaged employees and families through discovering how to become changemakers at home and at work.



What Your Kids Offers

Ashoka sees Your Kids as a critical tool to help our partners understand and adopt the new mindset and take action to reorganize their organization's role to play in the new game. If 10-15 percent of the employees in any organization succeed within a year, that organization has acquired a new group of changemakers.

We are unique in that we work with you to co-create innovative approaches that enable your employees and their children to thrive in an ever-changing world. 


1. Outreach materials to teach and excite employees about the Your Kids experience

2. A 90-minute workshop run by Ashoka staff and a young changemaker that consists of:  

  •  Coming up with employee-led ideas to integrate changemaking at home & in their workplace.
  •  Meeting a young changemaker and hearing their personal story.
  • Learning from social entrepreneurs and how their parents inspired them to be changemakers.

3. ​Ongoing engagement materials to move employees to action even after the session is over.

4. A Co-creation session to assess how to best expand Your Kids within your organization.



How can Your Kids benefit your organization?
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Develop a Changemaker Culture

Co-create employee-led ideas to practice changemaking at work and home


Employees Lead in Your Field & Beyond

Brainstorm new ways to work as teams and solve challenges


Strengthen Connections Among Employees

Build trust by exploring challenges with raising children in a changing world


  Would you recommend Your Kids session to other people?  
Did the Your Kids workshop change how you think about young people's potential to be changemakers?
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Did the session change how you think about young people’s potential to be changemakers?.png


Partners Who Have Participated in Your Kids

Ashoka has hundreds of deep corporate relationships worldwide and envisions a world where companies work in open systems to shift mindsets, business models, and leadership/management practices for the good of all.

western union
north south foundation
General motors
At HSBC Bank Argentina, we were very happy to offer Your Kids to our employees. Your Kids helped us identify the potential leadership in each of the young people in our lives & identify the best ways for adults to help their young people develop this potential. We discovered that we were already doing many of these things every day at home, but now we know how to take it to the next level.