Claire Reid (Ashoka Fellow)

    Claire reimagines the value chain behind food production as being led by individuals and communities, enabling South Africans of all ages and backgrounds...


    Exportunity Global Trade hub is an exclusive virtual market which, connects vendors and sellers by organizing and managing B2C and B2B trade in and between African countries

    Tracey Chambers (Ashoka Fellow)

    Tracey is economically empowering the most marginalised unemployed mothers and fathers in township communities of South Africa.

    Susannah Farr (Ashoka Fellow)

    Susannah is providing leadership and life skills education to young people in schools through a structured extra-curricular model...


    Farmers Pride is linking marginalized rural farmers and agro-dealers to high-quality and certified agricultural inputs, key services, and information...


    UjuziKilimo is an agriculture technology company that assists farmers with crop yield optimization through soil analysis and farming recommendations.

    Megan Mukuria (Ashoka Fellow)

    Megan founded Zana Africa to ensure that young girls are able to navigate with dignity their puberty years and accompanying challenges related to changes...

    Sylvia Banda (Ashoka Fellow)

    Sylvia Banda is working to combat the low demand for locally-produced, traditional food in Zambia by creating entrepreneurial hubs that guarantee markets for these goods...


    Safi-Organics has developed a carbon-negative fertilizer blend in order to provide affordable, high quality fertilizer.


    Totohealth is a social venture that utilizes a web-based mobile solution as an informative and communicative...

    Jonathan Mativo (Ashoka Fellow)

    Jonathan realized that simple technology training can help individuals from rural populations not only find jobs, but also become self-employed by starting their entreprise...

    Joseph Nkandu (Ashoka Fellow)

    Joseph founded NUCAFE, a social entrepreneurial farmer-owned organization that delivers high-end services to over 1.5 million smallholder coffee farmers...


    NAMPYA FARMERS’ MARKET is a mobile-based enterprise that offers a tech-enabled sourcing and distribution platform for agricultural produce to retail outlets in urban centres.


    TruTrade is a social enterprise providing smallholder farmers with a reliable route to market and fair prices for their produce.

    Dumisani Nyoni (Ashoka Fellow)

    Dumisani has created an innovative and community-based model enabling smallholders to detain the ownership of their whole value chain.