Country Representative, Sweden
Maja Frankel joined Ashoka in December 2011 to launch and be the Director of Ashoka Scandinavia. Maja is a life-long social entrepreneur: At age 16 she became the Sweden Youth Delegate during the United Nations Special Session about Young People’s Rights and at age 18 she became a UNICEF youth ambassador, a role that led her to write a book called 'Vår förbannade Rätt' where she did portraits of 20 young people from all over the world. Maja is the founder of Frankel & Friends, a consulting/methodology firm that focuses on social democracy projects, and the initiative FutureBox, that takes advantages of young people as a resource in policy making, encouraging social entrepreneurship and civic commitment. Educated at Sodertorns University and Kaospilots, she has a great experience of strategic and board work, most recently as second chairman on the board of UNICEF and on the board of Social Entrepreneurship Forum and as a part of the advisory board for meeting point social innovation.